Thursday, April 03, 2008

well there goes my Facebook album

PSFK alerts the masses of a new warning label possibly appearing on Photoshopped images in magazines. this news comes when Photoshop has launched an online version of its software for the amateur fiddler to use in (bulking up biceps) editing images.

the above image, for instance, shows a Photoshopped image. look hard, but i think the difference is the background color. if the before and after - and the opportunity to understand there was some doctoring - didn't exist, i'd have just assumed the red background had always been present. thank you, transparency in photography!

the good news is, if a Photoshopped image, such as the catalog pic below, would have a warning label, i wouldn't have assumed Thing from Addams Family was now a fashion accessory.

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Blogger KM said...

Sarcasm is hard to read. So please tell me you were kidding about the red background as the only difference. If you weren't kidding, pleeeeease look harder.

9:55 PM  
Blogger Andy Woolard said...

you're the second person to take this post seriously. the first person quickly asked me to erase her comment. is my sarcasm that veiled? man....

12:13 PM  

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