Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter Inspiration

I was doing some post-Easter-dinner blog reading and came across a teaser for a documentary on mountain biker Bobby McMullen. via "How To Avoid The Bummer Life" blog, here's a video sure to inspire you to burn off a few of those Peeps and be a bit more thankful for what your body allows you to do.

and a news story on Bobby (with a pretty hilarious transition from the Montel Williams show).

ready for a hard transition?

so, i was wondering if, in my lifetime, i'd ever find a more annoying song than this:

then i found this:

please tell me this is a joke. that Dolly's 80 year old inner-skeleton broke through centuries of plastic surgery and decided to give the Fine Young Cannibals (FYC) a go. some thoughts after considering both versions of this song:

Is it just me or do the FYC look like they are beating the hell out of their instruments instead of playing them?
I get that "Crazy" is part of the song, but that doesn't give a pass to the random chorus images in the video.
Can a man simultaneously try to sing falsetto and act manly?
If your song is titled, "She drives me crazy," and you dedicate a lot of your video to the element of "crazy," wouldn't you want to devote more time - or EQUAL time, at least to the "SHE" part? as in, SHE? she, like a women in the video? said crazy-inducing female? we see two women, but they are dressed in some weird costume jumping at each other. and it's a mere cameo in the balance of a number of dudes. just a thought. i'm not a director, but it looks like an erotic hair club for men commercial, or a "how-not-to-play-your-pink-guitar" tutorial.
I know that there are a number of WoolardSpeak readers who are of the age when this might have been a break-up anthem. please feel free to enlighten. 'cause I got nothing.
Does anyone remember a time when Dolly Parton wasn't at least 60?
However old, or plasticized, she still sounds more manly than the lead singer of FYC.

upon necessary due diligence what, then, am i to make of this?

i looked up YouTube's history on Wikipedia and it cites 2005 as the launch. quick math says this guy created the video in the last three years.

i guess the only reconciliation to what took an unfortunate amount of my night is that the above attempts are not alone in the sea of "artists" covering the FYC chart topper. even Muppets, and a "We Are The World"- caliber cast take on the song.

God bless YouTube. and my birth date.

back to being serious...hit up the Interwoven Threads blog for a couple new posts on doing better in your li'l corner.

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