Wednesday, March 12, 2008


this post is as much about sharing inspiring links as it is about cleaning out the massive amount of tabs in my Firefox window. so here goes.

time spent online finds content is king. duh. now, we all understand the reasons why a site like Slate would command more time than a site like Facebook, even though your clients/friends/little siblings would immediately argue otherwise, this Adage piece is good fodder for remembering engaging content still beats flash and fancy. i think the point the article makes can transfer to advertisements. we marketers are the most to blame for tearing off our shirts and getting in a frenzy over the next great spot. many times we forget to ask, "Did it engage? Did it increase sales?"

speaking of engagement...Transport for London has created a very nice spot to underscore the need for motorists to be aware of cyclists sharing the road. watch "Do the test" here.

food fight depicts U.S. warfare since WW2. this is brilliant in its animation and use of stereotypes.

via stampkit, i'm moved by this collection of Polaroids exploring subculture.

now for some environmentally-minded linkage.

this would be another chance for me to get into my feelings about China as a global predator, but i won't. i'll just point toward another sad example of why the country's staging of the Olympics baffles me.

how green is your agency? unfortunately, many agencies that might utter "Green Marketing" and "Sustainability" are incredibly ill-suited to deliver on those topics. a nice reminder from Agency Spy (follow up to this) on agency life and environmentalism. and no, recycling ideas does not count.

and finally, if you're in Kansas City and are wanting to see Bodies Revealed, you need to buy tickets ahead of time. found this out the hard way last weekend. ne'er fear, we have purchased tickets for this weekend and I'll be wearing this in solidarity.

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Blogger Elizabeth said...

Oh my gosh, thank you! I saw those vagabond/gypsy pictures by Mike Brodie a while ago, but didn't save the link. I was just thinking about them the other day. You saved me a search on Google.

Bodies is such a crazy cool exhibit. Look for the teratoma. It's so disgusting and bizarre.

I haven't seen Slim Goodbody in years. Thanks for that.

10:31 PM  
Blogger KM said...

First: you shouldn't wear black when cycling - there's better gear for being spotted and a black bear suit, while funny, is not easily visible by drivers.

First, part 2: the bear did a horrible moonwalk, that's why I chose to pay no attention to bad skill and to correctly count to 13.

First, part 3: i get the bigger picture. well done because it's true in many aspects of life.

Second: you're welcome for the food war. (that was me, wasn't it? too much link passing gets me confused.)

Third: please, please, please wear the awesome body suit... and take pictures.

1:23 AM  

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