Thursday, March 13, 2008

What's your cultural footprint?

PSFK points toward an important conversation on Cultural Sustainability as possibly more important topic of debate than sustainability/green/CSR. i don't think it's more or less important, i do, however, think it is possibly the catch all and summit of what is sought through environmentalism, cause, CSR, sustainability, etc. here's a succinct def. of Cultural Sustainability by Danah Boyd:
At the same time, a company can be environmentally sound and completely destroy local economies and other aspects of culture through their moves.

Boyd expands on her blog. very simply, it's the dissection of a company like Wal-Mart, which has gone above and beyond to "green" its business, while being culturally harmful and anything but sustainable for many of the employees, communities and manufacturers with which the brand interacts.

so as we look at greening our brands. or making our businesses more sustainable, it's important to look at the the big picture. what's your cultural footprint?

on a lighter note, i was moving desks a while back and while shuffling cabinets and files from one floor to another, dropped my Oak Ridge Boys Sing Super Gospel Hits Vol. 2 album down the elevator shaft. i'm not sure where i got the album or why i like it, but i was pretty bummed. this morning our secretary let me know the elevator repairman had been here and found it. even better, he is a major ORB fan. i wish i could have met him. i'd have thanked him and then given the album away.



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