Monday, March 17, 2008

A survey for surveyors

those of us in planning and strategy are used to fielding and analyzing surveys of all types. via Craig Elston's A Brit Planner in the Rockies blog, a survey for those in the planning and strategy field. looking forward to reading the results...especially the findings regarding how an accent helps us do our job better (a theory i've long held). :)

in other news, China keeps ticking me off, this time in principle.

according to Brand Index, the Southwest Airlines brand may have suffered a blow last week, but its measure of quality and mindshare are strong even though its level of positive "buzz" fell sharply. another great example of good PR and differentiating brand strategy doing the heavy lifting during a brand reputation crisis.

a deep list of data visualization tools, via Make the Logo Bigger.

the Fail blog. life just got so much more successful.

happy St. Patrick's Day. i hope you enjoy drinking yourself silly in the name of a Saint you don't know much about and a country of which you more than likely don't originate. ah, cheers to the legitimization of week-day drunkenness.

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