Friday, March 02, 2007

Week-end randomness

Alright, kiddos. Some Friday randomness.

It's midnight and I'm trying to stay up late so I have a real, biological need for Coffee Mornings today....

It's First Fridays in Kansas City! Gotta love working in the Crossroads.I recently met a heck of an entrepreneur, one whom you should know. First off, I don't wear panties, and this is sort of a stretch for Woolard Speak. But I can certainly appreciate Sunny Dawn Summers' Solo Jones line. You KC women can get them at Birdies in the Crossroads. Sunny makes great stuff, from a style/quality standpoint. For all brands, pay heed (via Spike, at Brains on Fire): How to Kill Your Brand.

I have yet to talk about this re-branding, but I think it's just fantastic. And I am biased, as I worked with this organization and keep good friends there. But check it out, and check yourselves. Kudos, Komen, for staying relevant and reinventing your brand to reflect its essence.
The Monk dog, pictured below, has deemed it time to go to sleep. Have a good weekend, all.