Tuesday, February 13, 2007

Valentine's Day videos

Whether you're madly in love or mad about love, here are some lovely videos from the Woolard Speak vault (and beyond) sure to tug on your heart-day heartstrings.

Possibly my favorite love-themed music video of all time:

(First Day of My Life, Bright Eyes)

A charming ode to missing the one you love...even if you're a claymation monster:

("Love," by Joe, music by The Weepies)

A beautiful piece dripping with equal parts sadness and sweetness:

("I will follow you into the dark," from the Plans video series, by Death Cab for Cutie)

And just because it's almost impossible for me to be serious for this long...those with even the strongest stomachs for sappy crap will need some Tums:

("Can You Feel the Love Tonight," performed in both the real world and Disney's version of Africa, by Elton John.)

And speaking of Africa..."it's gonna take a lot to drag me away from yooooou.":

(Africa, by TOTO)

While we're diggin' on the TOTO, Topeka, KS' own Andy McKee plays "Africa":

(If Andy McKee and Elton John were in a musical duel, McKee would hammer-on chord a circle of life around Sir Elton.)

OK...I'm way off topic...one more serious love video, by the epitome of in-love husband-wife musical duos, Mates of State:

(I Like You Crazy, directed by Robert Schober, song by Mates of State)

Alright...I hope this provides you something to send your honey. Or your bunny. Or the Simba to your Nala. And to further the love, if you need some make-out music, download this romantic mixtape from Nettwerk Records.


Blogger Esue said...

You are a trip. I don't love death cab, mostly because the name of their band annoys the hell out of me so I refuse to dive headfirst into their music. But I do adore the mess out of I will follow you into the dark - it is on my "I am wallowing in the depths of despair and I need some music to keep me there" mix. Thanks for the Valentine's love man.

9:06 AM  

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