Thursday, March 01, 2007

Consumer-generated concert film

Wow. So two dudes, Alex Simmons and Douglas Caballero get an idea to edit together over 200 video clips shot by fans' cell phones and digital cameras at the Shins' ACL Fest concert. The dudes approached the Shins, got them to cue up the audience, then collected the uploads to produce a very original look and feel. Check it. (if the below embedded video doesn't show up, click here:

One thing that this shows, is that an audience, when incited only by the opportunity to interact with a killer product (The Shins) will gladly take the time to engage in a conversation. Kudos to Simmons and Caballero, and the Shins, for starting something surely to be replicated.

Listening to - Mates of State, Team Boo


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