Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Virtual reality

Even though I profess to be part of the "web 2.0" in-crowd, and dudes, I totally have a blog and all, there are still a lot of techie things that make me say, "I have no idea how that happened." Such was the case when fellow sheep-hater and interactive stud Seth started showing us the 3-D model of our office he was building to be included in Google Earth. Read the much more intelligent version of what I'm talking about over on American Copywriter.

The point is, our office is now on Google Earth, complete with the "Choose to be remarkable" banner I see every morning as I turn in to our lot. Check it out. Download the necessary plug-ins to view and add your own office/home/hot dog cart to what I am confident will be one of the most used and beneficial programs of our generation. I mean, seriously, how cool is it that I can explore the KC skyline (albeit only a small portion yet created), then "fly" across the world to see any sight I choose?

With new arenas for brand interaction opening daily, it's important that we "new marketers" be able to find the best places for our brands to develop relationships. Google Earth is just one (very large) example of the reality brands face virtually.

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