Thursday, February 01, 2007

The power of place

Place is a big thing for me. I count on my surroundings for inspiration, comfort and mental health. This is just one reason why I've been so dang happy settling into my new place of employment. So, here are three of my favorite things that make of the sensory experiences of my days:

This is what I see when I walk in each morning.

And here's what I see out the window:
And when I lean back in my chair (for some reason, I love the ceiling):

So what scenery makes you smile during your day? What are the spaces that inspire, empower and comfort you?

Think about it during KC Coffee Mornings tomorrow (Friday). 7:30. JP's Wine Bar. Be there, get smart. Talk smart. Discuss crazy advertising stuff like the Boston LED Party. Check out pics from last week - we had a great turnout and molded some young minds.

Listening to - Mat Kearney, Nothing Left To Lose


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