Saturday, February 03, 2007

Humble Voice

It's a cold, cold morning in Kansas. I'm getting tired of this weather. Big plans to run the river trails in Lawrence are slowly evaporating..."It's too cold out," "I'm busy," "It's negative something outside, Andy...seriously." So, instead of heading out of KC at the crack of dawn, I'm all wool-ed up with coffee and my MacBook, checking out a very cool new social networking site: Humble Voice. I found this via Josh Spear. I love it already - mainly because Humble Voice gets and has capitalized on the best parts of social networking. Humble Voice is geared toward the arts community (music, photography, other visual arts, words). We'll see where it goes, but I was instantly impressed with the design and amount of fresh talent in the space.

One of my - and most of my friends' - favorite parts of MySpace is the opportunity to find new music through bands I already like. But MySpace has lost its "a place for music" mission and is almost a cost of entry for being a social human.

Take some time to explore Humble Voice. At the very least you'll expand your horizon and find some emerging artists you might want to keep tabs on in the future. Whether you're a designer, musician, wordsmith or experienced voyeur of the arts, help make this site succeed. Time for more weather widget says 5 degrees.

Listening to - Joe Purdy, Sessions from Motor Ave.


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