Thursday, January 25, 2007

KC Coffee Morning

If you're not nursing a thursday-night hangover, spinning in back ice or asleep, you should come to JP's tomorrow morning for the KC Coffee Morning. 7:30. Though the majority of attendees are from my daytime home (which feels especially homey today with a warm fire in the lobby fireplace to combat the cold), lots of smart, caffeinated creatives come from all corners of our fair city to communicate over coffee. 10 points for alliteration! For even more mastery of the English language, check out Seth's KC Coffee Morning haikus. And for visuals of last Friday's sipping, go here.

Listening to - Paul Brill, Harpooner. A friend with admirable musical taste gave me her copy of Paste Magazine the other night. The magazine comes with a mix CD of artists featured in the editorial. Great mag, and a wonderful concept integrated words and notes.

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