Saturday, December 16, 2006

The fair creative brief

Just found this wonderful campaign, Make a BIG NOISE from Oxfam, which calls like-minded fair-tradeers (coined it?) under 30 (brilliant) to answer an online creative brief and create a campaign. The winner's campaign will be created by a group of creative professionals - judged by an impressive who's who of creatives.

Kudos due for a great idea (one of many such competitions, though) - and what will surely be an incredible conversation among an extremely valuable audience for the cause. Not only is consumer-generated content king here, the campaign is judged by creatives (many of whom would enjoy being paid to develop the campaign I'm sure), and it is tailored to reach a specific group. What I like most is the application. Sure, other brands are asking for consumer-generated content...but Oxfam's involvement and it's narrowed-down core audience seems especially relevant to the success outlined in the brief.

I also admire the accessibility in the participation requirement. They're only asking for an idea to answer a brief. Not a fully fleshed out idea. And, participants are asked to utilize non-traditional media. Love it.

Thanks to Russell Davies for the heads up on this. Read through his comments as well - some good discussion on the point of such a contest. I think I'll add my two cents.

Listening to - The chatter of a jam-packed La Prima Tazza (forgot my flippin' iPod).


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