Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Subliminal Advertising...the tables turned

I just learned of Derren Brown this morning, over coffee and a CLIF bar. Both still are untouched, as I have been watching his videos, combing through his website and jotting down ideas that have popped into my head (maybe from my subconscious to my conscious?). Via designverb, check out this video:

I am not for duping folks. This is quite different in my opinion. The example made in the video is about acknowledging the way environment influences the mind. Marketers have engaged in "subliminal advertising" for decades. Product placement is a rather overt form of this practice. However, colors, taglines and even spokespeople can be far removed from the brand display, yet still resonate within consumers - as a representation of the brand - when part of consumers' environs.

The best brands deftly interweave into our subconscious simply through organic proliferation. Some brands are navigated by marketing strategies that intentionally interweave. Either way, the outcome is a strong mark on consumers' minds...even if those consumers aren't aware they are being influenced.

I'll be saving this video for future presentations. I can already see its benefit in a proposal or as a leave-behind to a big, environmental campaign. I think this falls under the "use for good, not evil" mantra.

Listening to - Imogen Heap, Speak for Yourself.

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