Monday, November 27, 2006

Simple talk

Presentation, public speaking and everyday interpersonal communication are incredibly important parts of a marketer's job. From client communication to new business, the way we communicators communicate can make or break an idea. Too often, we who write for, train and strategize others' communication have difficulty when we're in the spotlight. To that end, I've tried to consistently improve my yapping skills.

I've read Garr Reynold's blog religiously for tips on presentation, speaking and organization. His recent take on John Maeda's book and accompanying The Laws of Simplicity blog was intriguing, and extremely helpful. And, well...simple. Garr illustrates some of Maeda's points, but check out the blog (and its sidebar resources) and book to learn more about each of the "steps" as well as great real-world business examples.

My biggest takeaway was the oft-forgotten law that simplicity can always benefit communication. From taglines to talking points.

Listening to - Josh Rouse, Under Cold Blue Stars.

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