Friday, June 30, 2006

Music for a holiday weekend

I've got a great holiday weekend planned...even better, I have some great music to accompany my activities. Here are some rec's for your vacationing ears.

Reed Foehl, Spark: Holy crap, this is good. My shop's Creative Director had this on his iTunes - have to attribute credit - and I have been listening to it all week. This is going to be my "driving to the cabin" soundtrack. I'm guessing this will also fill the "sitting on the deck of the cabin" and "swimming in the pond" and "drinking around the fire" soundtracks as well. His songwriting is incredible. The mellow beats are perfect for a relaxing holiday weekend.

Keane, Under the Iron Sea: Even better than "Hopes and Fears," which was hard to beat. They'll be at Bleeding Kansas, which I'm looking forward to. If you're anywhere near Lawrence that weekend, go to the festival.

And if you're stuck inside for the weekend, pass the time with a library of 1980's videos. My buddy Dave just sent this my way, and they are a riot. I remember some of this a child of the 80's who flipped the cable box between MTV and Disney Channel. I forgot how weird these videos were. Here a few real gems. All I can say, is thank God I have a door to my office - let the mullet-banging commence:
Toto, Africa
Journey, Separate Ways
Falco, Amadeus
Edie Brickell, What I am
Eddie Money, Take Me Home Tonight
And the best one so far...Bon Jovi, Livin' on a Prayer ( I still have the vinyl)

Have a safe, fun weekend as you're blowing up your checking account.


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