Sunday, June 11, 2006

Recommendations to start the week

Think there's no hope for generation Y? Think again.

I heard Magnet for the first time Friday night. The setting - a wine bar - was perfect for his sound. Grab some vino and give him a spin. You'll dig Magnet if you like Josh Rouse, Elliot Smith, the like.

Get on and buy tickets for these shows:
Rogue Wave and the Stills @ the Bottleneck June 20. (sorry for the earlier June 2 mistake...add a zero and it works better with your calendar)
Bleeding Kansas Festival on August 5th - featuring Death Cab for Cutie, Keane, Broken Social Scene, Mates of State...set in Lawrence, KS. This is a steal.

My new addiction is the Garage Band program on my MacBook Pro. I spent most of Saturday afternoon sitting in a coffee shop putting tracks together with such fine musical friends as Trumpet and Fretless Bass. Also spent a good portion of my latte adding a flute part to many of the songs in my iTunes library. Pretty nice little Saturday. If you can get to your Apple Store, check it out.


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