Wednesday, June 28, 2006


My friend Sara passed this my way today. My first reaction was, what the eff is this? My main arguement being, "That's it? Nothing happens? Just an e-mail?" But then I read this article and started thinking about it...well, as the best boy band of all time bopped, "I'm a believer."

What a concept. What an example of how a little simplicity can break through the cluttered Web. For another great, simply engaging site, go here. Then buy the album.

I'm draggin' this afternoon, which made the website even more relevant and, well, quaint in its wholesomeness. Maybe if my iced latte and hip hop mix don't wake me up in the next hour or so I'll decide to send an e-mail.

Listening to: Usher - Yeah! (I realize my music-recommendation credibility is taking a severe hit...but Yeeeeeah! it wakes me up)


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