Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Father's Day and a new feature

First - new Woolard Speak blog feature idea: "Listening to." I'll start the post with the song/album/overheard conversation in the background during posting.

Listening to: Ed Harcourt "Here Be Monsters" (exciting features must be italicized!)

I celebrated an early Father's Day with my dad yesterday evening. He came into KC for a quick five-mile run and dinner at Pizza 51. Pizza 51 is becoming my new favorite KC spot. Situated right between the Plaza and UMKC, the old gas station eatery serves a great selection of beer/wine and killer pizza. It's also right off the Trolley Trail and one of my running routes through the Plaza, which makes it a perfect place to end a run.

Anyway, Pa Woolard will be recovering in Minnesota after Grandma's Marathon on the real Father's Day, so we decided to hang out in advance. The run was great. It's one of my favorite things to do with my dad and I always end runs with him feeling like all is right with the world. I love running with people - there's a bond that forms as extra miles are added and hills are ascended with a running partner. Having my dad as part of that experience is great.


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