Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Planet Fresh launch!

one of the perks of working at Barkley is the tapped kegs. oh, and then there's the new green initiative that launched on this earth day. most of all, it's the forward thinking and entrepreneurial spirit that many of our coworkers take on.

it's 1:16 and my Ozark team is kicking some serious ass on a presentation we'll surely give with minimal sleep. and as jump drives are being loaded and i'm waiting for new images, i surfed my bloglines to find a great recap of Barkley's green launch by Risley (back on U.S. soil).

really sorry i missed the roll out today, but our group will be home on Thursday, just in time for the green team's party on the rooftop deck. that'll be fun.

kudos to Susan Shank and many other green-thinking partners for dreaming, innovating and making our space and company better stewards of our surroundings.

ok...time for more coffee and some Keynote magic.

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