Tuesday, April 29, 2008

new tunes. judge please.

Scarlett Johannson, Falling Down. (yes, i read Perez Hilton. throw a stone, i dare you. it was the only site i found with the song's video (which i like).)
Death Cab for Cutie, I Will Posses Your Heart. update: just found this song too.
Coldplay, Violet Hill.

"weird, why's that girl from Lost in Translation singing in public?" I don't know, but she sort of rocks in a weird, "i-recorded-covers-and-am-rich-and-able-to-do-what-i-want" way. seriously, cameo by David Bowie? i don't hate it.

Death Cab: you have to wait approximately 15 minutes to have the first verse begin. by that time, you might have forgotten what is playing or maybe mistook the song for an audio lesson in bass tab. but it's good. a departure. i am looking forward to the rest of the album before i judge. i give them credit for evolving. "Cath." is the other song posted above. it's very much in the older DCFC mold. i guess it furthers my point on evolution. i am excited to see the River Market show coming up.

and Coldplay, they have an innovative "we're-giving-our-first-'tune'-away-for-free" model, which is so completely innovative, I don't know why more bands don't adopt....it's fine. not wonderful, not bad. the first 30 seconds are better than the rest of the song.

footnote: i started plaing DCFC's new song when i began writing this post, and they verse JUST started. it was like a surprise. "Hey! It's Death Cab!"

would love to hear your thoughts.



Blogger Maureen said...

Haven't heard any of these but will have to check out Coldplay. But I mostly just liked your overly-long-hyphenated-sentence model expressed in this post. That stuff makes me happy.

5:00 PM  
Blogger KM said...

I downloaded my copy of Violet Hill this morning. Not sure what I think about it, but in general I'm a fan of Coldplay so I'll say I like it just to be consistent.

Watched the video for ScarJo and am so indifferent toward it and the actual music that it cant be a good thing.

"I Will Possess Your Heart" is kinda hot. My roomie and I were just discussing this. I was not a fan, but I dig this song. I guess I will remain open to the idea of others from them... maybe.

PS - Check your footnote for creative spelling.

11:34 PM  
Blogger Thomas said...

I just don't know what SJ adds to Tom Waits. I'm not sure anyone has ever added anything to a Waits song - see Downtown Train as an example.

1:47 PM  

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