Friday, February 29, 2008

"Let's build a micro-site!"

how often does this "differentiating" execution occur? these days, everyone has a micro-site. when micro-sites are on-strategy and communicate a specific idea succinctly, they work. they can engage in ways the mothership site can't. micro-sites can tailor a brand experience or provide a narrative for a new product.

alas, most end up far less strategic and end up heading to the little Internet in the sky to exist in some e-purgatory.

yesterday i was treated to not one but TWO wonderfully done micro-sites.

the first, from Adidas, does a superb job of telling the brand's creation story and putting a face (in claymation!) on its founder without being irrelevant and cheesy...instead, the film and very interactive site evolves nicely in a historical journey to today's products that any sports fan will drool over. (via joshspear)

the second, from Sprint, is titled Waitless. the site entertained the heck out of me, and is extremely strategic in its messaging. "Fast forward through the boring parts of life" is a helluva call to action and is an insightful nod to the power of mobile phones in our daily life. the minute you're bored, you pull out your mobile. why not apply that determination for efficiency and entertainment into other parts of your life? such as peeling bananas quicker. taking off your shirt faster? calming your crying baby? Waitless gives funky video instructions on how to cut time off of the most mundane tasks. my only complaint is the clear influence of will it blend in the look and feel.

both sites do a great job digging deeper and injecting some personality into two mega brands. kudos to those involved. haven't figured out the responsible parties yet, but when i do, i'll make 'em some quick-freeze sorbet. "Thanks Sprint!"

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