Wednesday, March 14, 2007


the beautiful Kansas City weather has done a number on my ability to focus. so, here are some random things seen, eaten, read that may help you divert your attention from the office window and back to your computer screen.

1) one of my favorite things about living in japan was the sheer randomness of japanese culture. saw this today, via Tokyo Times (a blog that identifies such randomness). yeah, it's a dead-body picker-upper.

2) ze frank on brands. if you don't mind the "f-word," you'll get a lot out of this rant.
3) andrew the planner and i walked to souperman for lunch today. it was pretty good. i've heard rave reviews of the soups, but the pre-made sandwiches proved to be about par (even though they're wrapped in a cool sorta-sandwich, sorta-burrito way). i know having pre-made sandwiches is a speed/service decision, but if i'm a) paying for my meal and b) not in jail, i want the freakin' onions taken off my sandwich. is it "below par" or "above par" when something isn't as good as it could have been? overall, great food. friendly service, nice location. and with an extensive menu of fresh soups, i'll enjoy going back.
4) i keep going back to jonathan harris' work, from his "universe" to "we feel fine." via josh spear, this is just incredible.
5) is anyone else having technical trouble (linking, publishing) with blogger lately? i mean, in addition to the normal frustrations (such as blogger catching the word "blog" in spell check)?

OK. Back to work. Carpe diem!

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Blogger Esue said...

June 17th-July 1st - Japan is where I'll be. Mark your calendars and do some blog checking in those days. My cousin Mark (6'5), brother Carson (6'7), and cousin Molly (six footer) are going to be trapsing around Tokyo together, making all the residents gawk and stare at our giant white asses. Except that live by the beach now, and hope to not be completely PASTY!!!! Should make for some good photos. :)

7:47 PM  
Anonymous Dustin said...

I like souperman as well, but I'm not a fan of onions either, so it is kind of annoying. Don't forget to check out the new coffee shop right next door that just opened up. I was there this morning, and although its not completely finished yet, I think it will be a nice place.

11:26 PM  

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