Monday, March 19, 2007

Don't underestimate your audience's intelligence

i love great copywriting. i'm talkin' real whiz-bang turns of phrase. there's a fine art to all forms of writing, but copywriters often must create miracles of language under tremendous pressure.

i'm equally passionate in my hatred for advertising that underestimates my intelligence, or, spoon feeds me the "joke" or "idea" as if i'm not smart enough to figure it out on my own.

i was in chicago last week and saw this sign in my hotel. now, without the emphasis, it's pretty darn punny for a hotel bar ad. not bad. but really, did they think i wouldn't get the joke? did they think i'd walk away saying, "morons spelled 'ails' wrong."??? come on.

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Blogger Sara said...

As a former copy editor, this is why some errors frustrate me. Sometimes you can't avoid it, I understand. Careless/lazy errors, no matter how obscure, bug me. It makes me feel that a company might assume that I'm too dumb to know the difference! (Same goes for copy read by the talking heads on the nightly news...)

If I keep going down this path, there may not be much for me to enjoy media-wise!

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