Saturday, January 20, 2007

Great stuff on the WWW

The tubes that make up our beloved web were dangerously close to clogging with cool this week. Some sites that have amazed me:

Imagini: Andrew the Planner routed a Wall Street Journal article highlighting this UK market research company. The company relies on images and impressions to gather info. I took its test yesterday and was amazed at the profile my choices of images yielded. Dead on. Just click on the first step in the "How it works" section. Then be honest. Have fun. Be amazed. And if you're a - this'll get you going.

Gore Design: Amazing design coupled with a environmental mission.

iTunes Concert Calendar download: Holy usefulness, Batman!

And to wrap it up, just in this morning, a second leading democratic presidential candidate goes Campaign 2.0. Obama. Clinton.

And I can't stop listening to the new Shins album, Wincing the Night Away. This will certainly be a favorite of 2007. Listen to the full tracks on MySpace or previews on their website. And if you download the above iTunes Concert Calendar, you'll be reminded that the Shins will be in Lawrence, KS for back-to-back concerts February 12 and 13.


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