Monday, January 15, 2007

Good Magazine is great

I love airports. I especially love flying in airplanes. I think the air up there (even though we're traveling in a pressurized cabin) causes inspiration. And there is nothing better than finding a wonderful read, buying a five dollar plastic cup of crap Merlot, settling into your aisle seat and having nothing to do but drink and devour words with no distractions. So it was today that I experienced Good Magazine.

Good Magazine is unlike any zine I've read. Just read the description. Editorially engaging and smart. Well-designed. Filled with relevant insights and good interviews. And Good Magazine has found a way to integrate its print and online features seamlessly. Its online articles are complete and include resource links, and send-to-a-friend functions. The translation of an awesome graphic spread to the online video is a perfect representation of Good Magazine's understand of it's shared mediums. This was one of my favorite parts. (I'll bring in a hard copy for the office, but every marketer should have this info handy...not only for clients, but for a bit of perspective on the inundation of messages.)

I'm all about better business plans. Good is a perfect example of doing its business differently, especially in a stale, maddening industry. For instance, when you subscribe online, your 20 dollar subscription goes to the charity of your choice. I chose City Year. This is the type of option that my generation embraces. As I've said repeatedly, we're not a check-writing generation. We will not be hands-off donors content in having our last names printed in a brochure. We want to integrate good in our actions (from consumption to volunteerism) and would rather donate sweat than cash, when we can. Good Magazine gets this. Gets its audience and does a heckuva job creating the right forms of communication.

I'm excited to get my next issue, but will enjoy the online articles and art in the meantime.

Do some good. Check out this magazine.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

I've got a subscription and I really like the magazine too. I like how it often presents both sides of an issue. I want to see both sides, even if I don't necessarily agree. Although I'm worried because I see subscriber letters in issue 002 that seem appalled that the magazine can show the good from each side instead of condemning.

2:51 PM  
Blogger Leslie Jones said...

i probably should have gotten something else out of this post, but what it did for me was prompt me to try airplane wine for the first time in my life. who knew they were handing out personal bottles of merlot!? it was a glorious day, i'll tell you what. and surprisingly, the wine wasn't that bad... maybe it was the altitude.

5:48 PM  

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