Thursday, December 21, 2006

Woman's best friend

This has nothing to do with marketing (except possibly for the Moab Humane Society), but I am inspired and amazed by the story of the dog Taz, who led a rescue team to his owner - and elite triathlete - Danelle Ballengee. Ballengee had slipped on ice while trail running, fell down three rock faces and spent a night in the 20-degree cold before Taz ran back to the trail head, ran around the trail head, and led a rescue team right to his injured owner. Amazing guts on Ballengee's behalf and a heck of an endorsement for furry running buddies.

Rocky Mountain News story.

Whether you're running trails, or pavement with your dog, and no matter the distance, this little addition can help tote safety and first aid items, food for you and Fido, and a cell phone. Oftentimes dogs don't mind the extra baggage, as it feels like the "work" they so love to attend to.

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