Thursday, August 24, 2006

Total eclipse of the blog

I haven't blogged in a long, long time. I've been swamped lately with new biz and client projects. It's a good problem to have. However, I've neglected to blog on what has been an incredibly inspirational week.

Here is a smattering of things I've enjoyed since last posting:

MacKenzie Thorpe - attended the reception welcoming the artist to the Kansas City area. Thorpe will display huge sculptures in Mill Creek Park this fall. I was especially impressed with his range in media - from life-sized public art sculptures to pastel work (he uses his own pigments), Thorpe captures raw human emotion in each piece. I am looking forward to the installation of his sculptures.

Schuyler Fisk
- dang, this girl can sing. And write. First discovered Schuyler through her beautiful song, Paperweight, on the Last Kiss soundtrack. Schuyler wrote Paperweight, which is performed on the soundtrack with Joshua Radin.

Little Miss Sunshine - saw this on Friday and laughed my way through the entire film. Go see this wonderfully-written movie - even if you're just going to see Steve Carell prove his acting worth a hundred times over.

Hotel Lights
- I've bounced between Hotel Lights and Last Kiss for a week now. Love it.

Barclay Martin
- I've seen the Kansas City native a number of times in as many types of venues, but hearing him play this week at the very happening JP's Wine Bar was amazing. Martin had his ensemble (filled with talent) with him to support his jazz/folk/pop tunes. He even rocked out on some salsa that incited equally-talented dancers to endorse the sound. If you're able to see Barclay play - whether solo or supported by his ensemble - you won't be disappointed.

John Fogerty and Willie Nelson's Long Road Home Tour - I received a couple free tickets a few hours before last night's concert. I couldn't have felt more lucky. Seeing Nelson live is a lesson in the old-timey love for the art of performing. Fogerty delivered an energetic set filled with Creedence favorites.

Whew - I think that's about all I have.

Listening to - Magnet, The Tourniquet.


Anonymous Darcia DeVictor said...

Hi Andy!
I love your posts. You've gotta be the hippest kid in KC. And I covet your music collection.

-Darcy D.

12:20 PM  

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