Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Sandi Thom: the social-media-savvy songstress

Ever heard of sing-songwriter Sandi Thom? I hadn't until one of my clients gave me an article he'd torn from Toronto's Globe and Mail on her incredible rise from unknown artist to U.K. chart topper. How'd she do it? In part by streaming video of "gigs" she taped in her basement to Yeah, she gets it.

By using her talent, a webcam and the Internet, she increased her audience by thousands and in turn generated quite a bit of buzz, which launched her into the forefront of some very important minds. She's signed with RCA records, is playing sold-out shows in the U.S. and as I said, enjoyed the high life atop the U.K.'s singles chart.

Her story is remarkable to me for this reason: she found a new way to raise awareness. Myspace is still the hotbed for discovering new bands. It's an accelerator for artists to network, be heard and connect with potential listeners. Myspace has successfully enhanced many bands' careers in a short time. Sandi was able to see that hotbed and add another layer to it - simple, fun performances uploaded to grab attention and showcase her music.

The Globe and Mail touches on the controversy surrounding these efforts, in short, whether she's legitimately talented or the buzz alone elevated her to recognition. I don't believe that's the true discussion we should have about Sandi Thom. It's her utilization of social media and awareness of how to attract attention that is most important. And yes, being able to back up a marketing-savvy idea with the talent she does posses is even better.


Anonymous christi said...

I heard her 'I wish I was a punk rocker' song on Sirius and it took me awhile to find & purchase it ... maybe because it's about my teenage years ... but I just loved this song! Sandi Thom is SUPER!

7:21 AM  

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