Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Divining inspiration

I'm always humbled by exactly when inspiration arrives and from where it comes. I've been working pretty hard on my music lately - writing, rewriting, messing with the amateur recording program my Mac provides. I took a disc of about six songs to my cousin's a couple weeks ago (he's an amazing drummer and has built a recording studio/practice space in his home) and got much-needed direction. I'm headed to Lawrence Sunday to actually lay some notes down with him, a process I'm a little freaked out by.

I finished writing a new song last week and have since tried unsuccessfully to pair it with an appropriate guitar part. Last night was especially frustrating, as I got absolutely nowhere chord wise with lyrics I really love. It wasn't until this morning, during my regular group run, that I got a tune stuck in my head. I hummed it all the way home, grabbed my guitar and landed on just the right chords. I played the song over and over again to make sure it was somewhere near cohesive. I can't get home soon enough today, to continue working.

I write this because I'm sitting at my desk trying to put together some talking points for a client and have a serious case of writer's block. I hate when this happens. But I believe writer's block - or any creative sandbag for that matter - is just the brain's way of telling us to stand up, do something different, engage your eyes in a new way. Unpinch the nerves and let some new ideas flow. Blogging helps. So does juggling. And my wind-up sushi toys might do the trick....

Listening to - Rogue Wave, Descended Like Vultures.


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