Friday, August 11, 2006

Holy crap, I wrote you love notes in 3rd grade!

It's Friday, I'm going to deviate from the normal Woolard Speak topics. Stay with me here. I was reading one of my favorite blogs, Cup O' Joel this morning and was intrigued by the discussion that followed on journalistic ethics in regard to a L.A. Times story on Girls Gone Wild founder Joe Francis (no, I'm not giving you a hot link to the GGW site - Woolard Speak has its standards). Anyway. I read the L.A. Times story then hit the accompanying photo gallery to get a visual of this man, who I consider a complete slimebag on a range of levels. It's Friday, I'm drinkin' coffee, I'm scanning photos of a party I'd never be invited to. And then I see a picture of a very familiar girl with Francis (slide 10, blonde on the left side) and realize, "That's Paige Peterson! We had a thing in elementary school!"

To clarify our relationship, we were in child theater productions together. Took community theatre acting classes, etc. This was also known as my "Blackmail Period" out of which many videos were produced showcasing my talents in singing Michael Jackson's "Man in the Mirror" and performing as various toys in Christmas pageants. I had a mondo crush on Paige. We had a thing that might have involved holding hands or possibly drawing a heart on a piece of notebook paper. We were basically soulmates (I surely hope my sarcasm is being picked up here).

Anywho...I ran into Paige a couple times later in life: at a movie theatre, in my place of college employment (Eddie Bauer) in Lincoln, NE where we both moved as freshmen. And I learned she was trying to make it big in Hollywood as an actress/model. She's obviously not ugly and from what I remember from "The Best Christmas Pageant Ever," one heck of an actress. And when I saw her on Scrubs, I knew she was actually "making it" in the biz.

So, when I saw her in the article's photo album, I did a quick Google search of Paige Peterson and was surprised by the extent of her fame. From Scrubs to Sisqo music videos! I can end my week knowing that at least one of us aspiring community theatre actors rose from the stage of Liberty Hall to the set of Hot Chicks. Pretty cool stuff. While Paige may have an entire IMDB page devoted to her success, my parents have a VHS tape of me repeating "If you wanna make the world a better place/take a look at yourself/and make a change!"


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