Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A first-hand account of the Heathrow mess

My buddy Tango posts on his experience flying back from the UK during the terror debacle. I have my political views. I have my social mores. But reading stories like this and watching news unfold of the foiled terror plot and such U.S. debacles as the Hurricane Katrina response, I'm truly scared that the people who should have plans, resources and the talent for dealing with crises simply do not. Reading Tango's post is like a horror novel for anyone in PR. What if Virgin Atlantic was your client? Heathrow? The big brands sold to passengers who had to dump them in trash bags along security checkpoints?

Much of the responsibility of being a public relations counselor is providing foresight for clients. Proactive strategy. It pains me to think that some of the most sensitive, human and dangerous environments in our world can be completely disabled due to events (hurricanes, terror plots) that could have been better prepared for ahead of time.

Tango dealt with his situation better than I would have, surely. I can only imagine what my blog post would have included after dealing with what he did.
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