Sunday, July 30, 2006

Simplicity, a reminder

I read Garr Reynold's post this morning directly after a long run. My marathon training has taken on an earlier-than enjoyable schedule with the crazy heat KC has been baking in. So, with a bottle of Gatorade next to me, I plowed through my Bloglines feeds and my interest was peaked initially by Garr's in-post image of a busted Nike shoe. I completely dislike Nike and do not trust the company's production of technical sportswear/equipment. That aside, I always get a lot out of Garr's thoughts and this post on simplicity - illustrated by the dangerous failure of his Nike Shox during a run - is a great reminder of the attention products and people should place on simplicity.

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Blogger David said...

Note to runners: While I personally agree with Andy and his dislike for Nike Shox shoes....the important thing to remember is that everyone's foot is different and that while a Nike Shox might work great for one might be horrible for another person. This applies to any other brand of shoe too. Having run in high school and college, and then working in running speciality store: It's important that when buying shoes you go to a store where they fit your FOOT and not your eyes. To note: The higher the arch, the less support you need (despite myths about high arches) and the flatter your foot the more support you need. All running shoes have good cushion, the key to the fit is the amount of support needed. I hate Nike too, but it's because their stability shoes aren't as comfortable as my New Balance or Adidas. So try on as many brands as you can and then decide where your "Brand Loyalty" may be surprised.

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