Thursday, January 24, 2008

A healthy exchange rate

i read an interesting piece in Ad Age last night about Google and Publicis exchanging execs to further each entity's ideation, product development and marketing. brilliant, in my opinion, but with these two behemoths joining forces, came a few cynical thoughts on how calculated the touted ideation and product development will be. i moved on, had some dinner and then read this today.

my friends over at Brains on Fire are starting a Marketer-In-Residence program. i've always admired this shop's innovation and dig Robbin and Spike on a personal level, so this development was not as much a shock as it was a no-brainer (ha!) for this company. kudos guys.

the first M-I-R is John Moore! good luck to both parties, i hope they continue (both) blogging on this experience.


Anonymous Spike Jones said...

Thanks for the kudos and the kind words, Andy. We're super-excited to be working with John and look forward to where the program takes us and our clients as well...

10:24 AM  
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