Tuesday, January 08, 2008

Please stop talking, Bill

i'm a big fan of Bill Clinton. always have been. i have many good things to say about his work both in office and out of office. but i'm getting pretty sick of him talking out loud lately. we all have inside voices and i don't fault his, however, he's coming off as bitter, arrogant and rather unsavory lately, when he should be the calm that covers the storm that is his wife's presidential campaign. as Hillary summons tears and locates something known as emotion, President Clinton has been making me cringe in his own video clips and interviews.

writers' strike be damned! bring the drama!

i thought this one was bad...

then today i saw this clip of President Clinton in New Hampshire.

we'll see how the New Hampshire primaries go tonight. another Obama victory will be a powerful signal that America might rather go with a "fairy tale" as President Clinton references, than another dynasty.

so, what is your thinking? was Hillary the puppeteer of a well-timed emotional cloud break, or did we see a side of her she might have been mistakenly covering all this time? was this her Howard Dean moment?

speaking of Dean, whom i do respect and had an enjoyable conversation with on an airplane once, i think i've finally realized the cause of his unfortunate audible (ha ha...get it?). i'm spending the day home sick, finally bowing to a cough and cold that i've been wrastling with since Christmas, and i realize, in my weakened vocal state, that if someone gave me a microphone and a little dose of energy, that's the exact sound I'd make.

so, "ryaaaahhhh" New Hampshire. "ryaeeeeaaahhhhhrrr" democracy. we'll see what happens this evening.

my friend sara sent me this New York Times opinion column by Gloria Steinem. it's pretty thought-provoking. regardless of what tonight's and this election's outcomes are, we are moving forward as a country, a step long overdue but profound in its impact.

i'm off to the doctor.



Blogger Sara said...

I was just telling your Howard Dean story the other day! That was so awesome.

3:49 PM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

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8:51 AM  
Blogger Elizabeth said...

Judging from today's paper, I don't think Hillary's softer image is being portrayed here in SoKo.


8:52 AM  

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