Monday, April 16, 2007

i'll give you a nor'easter

NOTE: Not sure why all my freakin' photos disappeared. if anyone knows anything about why this might have happened, leave me a comment. sorry!

i'm sitting in a corner of a wall in boston's logan airport, plugged into the only outlet i've found to power up my laptop. the good news is, i'm nicely hidden by a 5-foot-tall dunkin' donuts cup, which makes me want some coffee.

i'm stuck. and now jonesin' for some joe. i'm delayed because of the insane storms that have blasted the northeast on this, the 111th running of the boston marathon (which i came to watch my father run). the weather people have blamed this weekend's 40 mph winds and torrential rain on a little thing called nor'easter...but i can't figure out why jesus, or the bunny would want to be associated with this early spring pain in the ass. nor'easter not only soaked us to the bone as we watched the marathon, it flooded streets and gave the marathoners even more of a challenge than is traditionally offered by heartbreak hill or the qualifying times they must receive to run boston.

but more importantly, the darn weather has grounded my flight. it's now five hours late. i have a meeting in wichita tomorrow, which i must drive to early in the morning. i'm nor'ticked off. mostly, though, i'm sort of nor'annoyed with my lack of control over the situation. usually i love being granted unscheduled free time. i've been working on a number of things over the past few hours and drinking some crappy wine at the sam adams bar (he's not there), so that's ok...but i hate being stuck. i hate the feeling. it's like tom hanks in that absurd movie "the terminal" where it seems is the only terminal where TSA regulation and Homeland Security laws don't exist. i wonder what would happened if i went to the men's room and started washing my sweater. or making a fountain for catherine zeta jones. or developing a fake accent. i didn't like that movie.

anyway...i'm sitting here in the shadow of a giant coffee cup and the guy next to me is fighting with his wife via bluetooth earpiece, which, as soon as i turned down my iPod, became a better source of entertainment. apparently, nor'easter is somehow her fault. another wonder of technology is that once i fired up my iTunes and iChat, iQuickly found some people that must also be in my similar situation (have a mac, are stranded and hidden by a giant coffee cup). i sort of want to chat with them..."hey, this sucks. wanna do some shots at the Legal Seafood next to the Continental desk?"

it all balances out though. i had a wonderful time in boston. got to hang out with my partner in idea crime, tango quite a bit. in addition to planning world domination, we partied. here we are at Saint.

and this is me singing a richard marx song with alycia in the basement of some late-night pizza joint.

ate at an excellent pizza joint, cambridge 1. one of those places where everyone around me is 10 times more intelligent than i. i guess there are many of those places...but the pizza is good, even for the common liberal arts grad.

and at one of the best chill bars ever - enormous room. some photos...i loved the dj booth - it's within the brick wall at the end of the room. the whole place is covered in oriental rugs. people sit on the floor and on raised and pillowed platforms.


battle of the self-taking pictures.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

that's what I'm talking about, babiez. Where's the marathon pictures? Boston sounds like tons of fun.

And...I seriously am STILL laughing about "once i fired up my iTunes and iChat, iQuickly found some people. . ". Amazing. Hilarious.

10:32 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude - your pics aren't working.

12:07 AM  
Blogger Andy Woolard said...

i think they are working now...not sure what happened. i'll blame the nor'easter.

9:17 AM  
Anonymous _tango! said...

andy, always a pleasure to bring ya on a safari around boston and brainstorm mind boggling startling ideas. _tango!

3:49 PM  

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