Monday, April 09, 2007

Fair trade and your morning jolt

i really can't add much commentary to this: Black Gold. the trailer and site will speak for itself. i will suggest you spend some time with this issue. dig in, watch the trailer, and figure out how you can view it on your local public television station. KC folk, it'll show tonight at 10 on KCPT.

fair trade, sustainability and social consciousness are all top of mind right now - and thankfully so. we are in an exciting time period and one that necessitates awareness and action. things like this movie further add to that momentum. and while facing down global warming is daunting, it's not that hard to make an impact in your own corner of the world...could be as simple as walking across the street to hit up a coffee shop that serves fair trade instead of the regular stuff. or buying your home brew from a retailer featuring a selection of organic, fair trade beans. or simply watching this movie and thinking about the issue.

doing nothing is a lot harder than doing something. big or small, you'll feel better about your impact on your world. one very practical way to impact your world is buy changing your purchasing decisions. there are a ton of better options out place i'm diggin' is two hands worldshop. they have some great fair-trade goods with the convenience of online shopping. one little change, one little purchasing decision and you've made a difference.


Blogger bswen said...

Thanks, Andy, for the mention in your post. It is indeed an exciting time as consumers begin to demand more social reposnsibility and ethical behavior from the products the purchase and the businesses they patronize. Alicia and I also write a blog following the developments in the social enterprise sector, fair trade and modes of sustainable living, if anyone is interested in delving a bit further. Thanks again!

8:51 AM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

This was a powerful and eye-opening show. I will be purchasing fair trade certified coffee from here on out, amongst other things.
Thanks for keeping me educated, Woo.

10:03 AM  
Blogger Andy Woolard said...

it was a great movie. ap - you missed free popcorn at the woolard house.

and yes, visit brady and alicia's blog...forgot to mention that in the post, but it's a good one.

10:13 AM  

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