Tuesday, March 27, 2007

file under, "brilliant"

you know those ideas you just wish you'd have been part of? next to the slinky, here are a couple beautiful executions i just came across.

in the age of exploiting patriotism to sell goods with backwards spots, i was excited to find a website that ties its product into its country of origin in a creative, proud and strategic way.

since living in japan i've been fascinated with onitsuka tiger shoes. the pre-asics brand has a deep history and some very cool designs. it's also a rather quintessential japanese company. i found the company's new website - "made of japan" - yesterday and have been transfixed by the experience. kudos all around for the execution...i can't find a single flaw in the strategy or product of this creative thought.

and if you've got five minutes to spare, watching this video in its entirety will be worth your time. via citizen brand, the spoof video to publicize ricky gervais' red nose day. as i said, watch this to its conclusion...the pay-off is poignant and hilarious. i'm a huge ricky gervais fan and have always admired his subtlety and intellect, both of which are front and center here. the video is a hilarious, needed commentary on our culture, marketing and commerce, with a powerful message for doing actual, real good for people who are truly less fortunate.



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