Friday, April 06, 2007

I never!

very few times in my short marketing career have i been involved in such a great client/project/creative as i have with houlihan's.

not only do the clients welcome wild ideas, but the brand is just friggin' great. one of the outcomes of our relationship is an online game we here at SHS (and by "we" i mean some really dang talented creatives) developed: I never. based on the classic drinking/social game, you will have fun playing on your own, or gathering a group around the computer/linking up with friends.

not that i am endorsing wasting your company's time, but this is a heckuva way to make your friday fly by!


Blogger Leslie Jones said...

your use of the words "friggin" and "heckuva" made this post worth reading. although i have to say my mom would thoroughly disapprove... :)

4:11 PM  

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