Monday, November 13, 2006

Evening coolness

For your DIY-inclined hands: My buddy Tango's paint chip card holders. After posting a how-to for these great accessories, Josh Spear, Lifehacker, and Craftzine have already picked it up. He nailed' top ten most popular today. Tango and I had a conversation this afternoon on how quickly good things opposed to the PR-pushed, artificial seeding so many products/people must rely on. Tango's thoughts and goods are a great example of how easily great ideas ignite. Check out his Web site/portfolio.

For your eyes and ears: Lasse Gjertsen's amazing video. His follow up to "Hyperactive." All I can say is wow. And just for fun, play Lasse again, then start playing some Ben Folds (I suggest the intro to "not the same")...the comparison is creepy.

For the tech geek in each of us: I'm working on a project with some folks and tonight we were spread across the country. I couldn't explain how I needed something to look. And void of drawing software on my computer, a scanner or fax machine, I went to GE's Imagination Cubed site and drew my thoughts, sent them on and in minutes we were discussing. I'm going to continue using this as a communication tool. Here's a special note to you, reader.

Listening to - Old 97's, Fight Songs.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

I am so into that GE drawing thing!

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