Tuesday, July 25, 2006

TED Talks

I've been into the TED talks lately. I recently listened to Rick Warren's talk and again was astounded by the message, inspiration and intellect these audio and video files contain. Granted, Warren (the best-selling author of A Purpose Driven Life) is quite inspirational, his message is as powerful as many of the other speakers and makes you truly think about not only the subject matter, but its relationship to the world around you. And we all need wider worldviews.

Theologically, I'm in line with many of Warren's points and truly enjoyed and benefited from his book. But I got more from his talk because of the way he connected what he knows (Christianity) with the wider themes many of the TED talks seem to encompass: purpose, service, social awareness, innovation and betterment. Warren takes on the elevation of income and fame he's found himself in via his book's success. Great self-analysis and broader debate of net worth vs. self worth.

Scroll through the speakers and find some folks you think you already are interested in or agree with, then find some folks you have no understand of or interest in. These will leave you inspired.


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