Tuesday, May 23, 2006

Yo' momma makes better spots

Maybe we now can stop talking about the life after the 30 second spot. Enter Spotrunner.

You are a business owner. You want a TV spot.
Spotrunner helps you - online - craft your message, create your spot, purchase your media plan, then launch your campaign.

File that under one more reason advertising needs to diversify and be relevant.

I'm not totally sold that TV ads are going down the crapper, but I am in the camp that believes traditional advertising needs to take a long hard look at how effective it is and how it can extend its capabilities to create more relevant conversations with consumers. Spotrunner further underscores the need for ad agencies to be one step ahead of the game.

As we wrastle with user-generated content and increased consumer control over marketing and news channels, it's time to realize creatives aren't quite as comfortable in their modern-deco towers...the day's fast approaching when yo' momma can make better ads. Watch your back.


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