Friday, June 09, 2006

Bringing a personal touch to e-mail

My buddy Aaron and I got into a long conversation yesterday about how to personalize web-based communications. It went into greater detail than that, but the threads each dealt with how to add some personality/warmth/emotion to e-mail and other web communications. He sent me a Fuzzmail e-mail and I now am totally diggin' this unique form of "e-mail."

In short, you get on, type an address in, and hack away. Love letter, simple hello, whatever - Fuzzmail records the method in which you type - typoes, backspaces, pined-over phrases in real time. Then, when you send, the recipeint has the e-mail flow out to him or her in the exact method you typed it.

Fuzzmail feels like someone's reading the e-mail to you. Think Doogie Howser. Great concept. Free. Why not pepper a few of these into your regular web-based communication.


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