Friday, June 09, 2006

Why can't you be more like my hair cutting person?

...or "stylist" or "barberette." Many know I'm a little obsessive about the frequency of my visits to the Spy Agency. But lunch appointments, whether for a haircut, trim or just to sit and talk with the staff are high points of my weeks. Bottom line, if more companies did business like the Spy Agency, clients would be happier and business relationships would be stronger.

Three Spy secrets to model your customer service after:
1) Allow appropriate time for interaction - Spy schedules a block of time regardless of whether my sideburns are crooked or I need a full haircut. When the shearing is finished, time to talk ensues with no one needing to be anywhere else.
2) Go above and beyond to put the client in a new environment. Neck massage. Complimentary wine/beer. Well-programed iPod. Nice interior design and modern furniture.
3) Don't be afraid of free. Set your prices so some services can be comped - nothing says, "come back" like "Don't worry about it this time."

These examples can be applied to any company. They require employee empowerment and a clear understanding - from the receptionist to the top stylist - of what customer service means to the brand.

In turn, companies get loyal customers who don't worry about the fact that they paid a little more than other places. They get customers who go back to their coworkers and talk at length about where they've been.


Anonymous Paul said...

It's all about the assets!

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