Thursday, June 01, 2006

Continuing the tradition

I've attended Dave Matthews Band concerts since I was in high school. My attendance is a summer tradition, and one that Mother Nature almost derailed last night through inclement weather. Luckily, the stars aligned and the evening was wonderful. I'm always amazed at who I run into at such a large venue, for such a popular concert. It has nothing to do with my vast social network, mind you. My buddy and I ended up standing with a former co-worker and her roommate (heck of a time, gals). I saw a former intern. A gang of friends from college. An amazing young woman who spoke at an event I worked last year, providing me the chance to finally tell her how much of an impact her words had on me. All the while, I got to see one of my favorite bands (albeit on the jumbotron).

You see, last year my good friend (and Dave fanatic) got tickets in the front section. As in, "I can see what chords Dave is playing." I was spoiled, and unsure that being relegated to steerage would be nearly as enjoyable. But beer, friends and a setlist of old favorites ensured a great evening and reminded me of the importance of tradition. It's important, dang it, that I see Dave. And I'm sure I'll be that strange old dude rocking out in years to come. Maybe turn into that cool dad who "volunteers" to take his children's friends to the Dave concert many years from now..


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