Tuesday, November 01, 2005

What is worse than Eminem?

Tough question: What is worse than Eminem? Only a few thoughts can contend with the suckery of Marshall Mathers: bird flu, apocalypse, break ups that end in lost CDs.

After viewing a commercial tonight and running a quick Google search, I found something worse than Eminem: iTunes' new commercial featuring Detroit's finest. Keep in mind, Eminem sued Apple a couple years back claiming a commercial (by TBWA/Chiat/Day) used his song "Lose Yourself" without consent.

Why is the current "Lose Yourself" spot worse than the 8-mile Prophet himself? Simply because the spot has been done before - twice. Once from an old Lugz shoes commercial and then again from Taxi's rather cool spot for the radio station Flow. See for yourself:

View Lugz spot.
View Taxi's spot (go to "what we do" then "by medium/advertising" and "television." Click on the Flow spot.
View current Apple spot.

At least Eminem, in and of himself, is a somewhat original concept.


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