Saturday, October 29, 2005

Recommendations to start the week

Recommendations from my wireless perch at La Prima Tazza.

1) Scrabble. Never gets old. Just played a quick game with some folks at LPT's communal table.
2) The new Nada Surf album, "The Weight is a Gift." My friend Joel was raving about it last night and surprisingly, the album is even better than Joel's beer-buzzed accolades...which brings me to number 3.
3) Stella Artois beer.
4) Julia Peterson and the Breaks. I've known about this Lawrence singer/song writer for a little while, but just downloaded tracks from her new album this week and can't stop listening.
5) Matisyahu. Hasidic Jewish reggae artist. His songs are religiously and politically charged, and exhibit a mastery of the the genre.


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