Thursday, October 06, 2005

My new desktop image

I've had this image on my computer desktop for a while now, and decided to change it up. The picture is of a scupture installation by an amazing Japanese ceramicist and friend, Katsuyuki Sakazume. The pieces are arranged on a snow covered golf course near the dormitory I lived in while in Nakajo, Japan. I love this image and it takes me back to my time working with Sakazume and living in the beautiful area.

I changed my desktop image yesterday and am getting a real kick out of staring at it. This picture was taken
at the Shibuya (Tokyo) crosswalk made famous in Lost in Translation. I was perched with my friend Lisa in the Starbucks above the crosswalk to snap a picture. It was part of an embarrassing morning quest to photograph various scenes from the movie.

Anyway, this image is blown up to fit my desktop and I have caught myself staring at it, looking down on these people's days, thoughts, stories, wondering where they came from and are headed, who they are with or planning to meet, etc. It's quite addictive.


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