Thursday, October 20, 2005

Inbox inspiration

When I arrive at work I do three things before I begin the first task at hand.
1) Pull a cup of coffee.
2) Read a daily Bible verse delivered to my inbox from Zondervan.
3) Open my Bloglines and read's word of the day.

"Word of the day" has become my horoscope of sorts. I read into the word and what it might mean in relation to my day. Rediculous? Sure, but not as rediculous as a horoscope. Plus, I learn a new word.

Today's word is tocsin: a warning.
Yesterday's word was pelf: money; riches.

You get the idea.

My friend and fellow blogger Dave posted about the band Blue Merle (check out the Web site - awesome design). I purchased the album from iTunes yesterday and have spent the time between then and now ingesting Blue Merle's great songwriting and sound. In true viral piracy style, the disc has been imported into my colleagues' iTunes. Buy the album "Burning in the sun," or come by and grab the disc if you are in the area.


Blogger David said...

Thank you Andy for the "props" to band Blue Merle. I'll second your efforts with Rogue Wave sans making fun of everyone who just went "who the hell is Rogue Wave?" Start listening to internet radio ( or and you'll understand soon enough....

2:23 PM  
Anonymous sara said...

Word of the Day horoscopes are the best.

10:40 AM  

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