Tuesday, November 08, 2005

Here's a strategy: be real

Seems like a no-brainer: be real. Be yourself. Don't fake it. Unfortunately, this simple act has turned into a head turner, when executed. How sad.

There is no better incubator for the unreal than in politics, which is why my head turned so quickly when I saw Illinois Senator Barack Obama on the Daily Show. Check out the clip, it's a learning experience in the power of wit, personality and transparency.

Obama is about as transparent as a Senator can get in providing his impressions of his freshman year in the Senate. Even better, he utilizes his quick wit and likeability to control the guest opportunity and clearly wins with the audience and hard-to-impress host John Stewart.

How'd he do it? He was real. He smiled. He was funny and nice and all the things that your mother told you to be.


Blogger Sara said...

I'm sad I do not have cable and missed Obama on "The Daily Show." I am so proud to call him my senator (and also carry his business card around in my wallet -- yeah, I'm name dropping). His pragmatic attitude and approach of TRUE politics is refreshing. Keep him on your radar. The man has a lot left to say.

10:00 PM  
Blogger David said...

Obama wants to fire a bus driver. Why? cause he led a bunch of people into a dangerous situation without really knowing how it'd turn out? That doesn't make any......wait a second!!!!! Ahhhh, I get it now. Yeah, fire that Laidlaw yellow box pusher right now!!!!

3:03 PM  

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